Money Is In The List

When we start our businesses on the Internet we have ideas thrown at us from Gurus as well as Newbies. Everyone says they know how to get rich overnight. I have read hundreds of different ideas to get rich quick and have come up with a great list of them to share.

Whether you are into EBay, Affiliate Marketing, or selling your own product or service you need customers. You want them to be repeat customer's. What it comes down to is the list. How do we get that list? It is enough to drive me nuts. I do like nuts though, especially walnuts and filberts.

  1. Spend your money on buying customers from a list company such as: Guaranteedlists or SalesGenie. But how do you know if any of the subscribers match your customer profile or if they really want to opt in to hear from you?
  2. There are several list building services that are Free. But if you want real action you will need to upgrade, with money. Here are a couple I found: Listbandit and I haven't gotten any yet with the free status. I have to admit I haven't focused on this method much so you might do better.
  3. Exposure: Getting your name out there. Great exposure entails several list building methods.
  • A website with a blog or a Blog service like: Blogger or WordPress where you can have links to your product's squeeze or landing page to hopefully capture leads to send to your auto responder that sends out your follow-up messages.
  • Article Marketing:, and are a few who accept articles for publication and distribution to hundreds of sites that give you exposure. Within the article and resource box you will place your back links (links that send the reader to your Blog or Website where your product and / or affiliate links are.) Be sure to read the Editorial Guidelines carefully! I have made several errors so far, that is how I learn.
  • Forums: Go to, or to post your thoughts and place your back links there but usually only in your signature box. They have many rules as well I nearly lost my privileges at one. No affiliate links. That inspired me to finally get my own website with a WordPress blog. It feels good too. I am anxious to build some pages when I figure out how. I wander.

I know I have left out other methods for list building but I am doing research in them so when I learn enough I will share my knowledge with you all. Those include AdSense and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to name a couple.

Stay Focused! I can't stress enough the importance of staying focused on 2 or 3 of these methods at a time and work them till you have saturated the market with yourself. It is up to you and the time you are able to give to the business.

One more tip I would like you to consider. When those customers start signing up treat them like gold because they are the golden opportunity of your business. Invoke this golden rule "Do unto your customers that you as a customer would like to be treated."

Source by Dejra Shockley


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