Build Your Free Traffic With "Leads Leap"

Traffic boosting is hard?

Everyone say so! I said that too. But that was in the past! In the past until I discovered 'Leads Leap'. 'Leads Leap' is a free program that helps to generate free leads for all internet marketers. It also helps to show your advertisement to your members.

How does 'Leads Leaps' works? You need to join them as a member, after that you start to refer your friends to join under your group. For every member that you recruited, you will get credits.

The credits can be use for your free advertising.

After you had signed up, recruit the maximum number of members that you can within 24 hours. Within 24 hours, every member that you recruited, you will get 500 credits. That is the most important period for your membership.

After 24 hours, all members that you had recruited, you will be rewarded with 100 credits up to five days. After which you will receive no credit. But, if you managed to recruit 20 members under your group, you will receive 500 credits every month. The more member that you recruited, you will get more credit each month for your advertising.

Some good points about 'Leads Leap' are you can choose to join as a PRO Membership. All you need is to subscribe to the membership by paying $ 27.00 per month. And you will receive more traffic more than 'free' membership. Also, your advertisement will be show in the blog, newsletter and many places that were appointed by 'Leads Leap'.

You can get to earn a commission if any of your members decided to sign up as PRO member or purchase product, you will earn a 50% commission every month as a passive income.
Lastly, you will receive almost daily update regard to 'Leads Leap' and there are plenty of products to be downloaded for free.

Eddy is a self-learned internet marketer. He is also a trainer with Singapore Internet Academy. He is also an active member of 'Leads Leap' – []

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