Viral Internet Marketing – Creating Successful Viral Marketing Campaigns

It is the dream of every internet marketer to eventually have an article, e-book, or other marketing campaign go viral. This basically means that people continue to pass on your digital product, article or movie over and over again until you become a household name. This can do wonders for your business, and whether you are an internet marketer or just starting out in internet marketing, you should be aware of the benefits successful viral marketing campaigns can bring to you.

But how do you create a marketing campaign that becomes viral? Well, it takes some work, creativity, and guts. You have to create something that has so much value for free that people can’t help to pass it on, or you have to create something so outrageous or controversial that people can’t help but talk about it.

The biggest key to creating successful viral marketing campaigns is to stop trying to please everyone. Think of the most unique, creative, outrageous, and controversial way to present your website, and do it. You have to be unique, and you have to create emotion. Whether that emotion is good, bad, ugly, angry, happy, funny, or otherwise is entirely up to you, but without strong emotion no one will forward your campaign.

The only exception to that rule is if you give away something that has so much value people can’t believe it’s free. This does not mean write an e-book giving generalized information filled with affiliate links and start marketing it for free with a registration. There has to be no limitations, and it has to be completely free while still being valuable.

Source by Jason A Osborn


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