SEO Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed

Internet Marketing Secrets have been around for a very long time, well almost since the internet. These secrets continue to evolve and change with the internet and better technology. If you are in a business that uses the internet for marketing it is advised to stay up to date on these secrets.

The internet was created back in the 1950’s but not really brought to the public until the 1980’s and then in the 1990’s is became a much more drastic part of culture and commerce. Marketers have been studying all different aspects of the internet and attempting to master it for profit.

Google has made one of the largest impacts on the internet since it was created and have provided marketers with a database of the internet to be able to run searches on any topic imaginable. Google is the number one visited site in the world. This is based on Alexas ranking and reporting. Alexa is a private company who ranks websites based on the number of times they are visited and how many links that each site has pointing to it. Alexa ranks Facebook as number two and YouTube as number three. Yahoo is still hanging on in position four.

Internet marketers take this information and learn how to get in front of the most people who would like to buy their product and then get ranked on these sites by using a wide variety of strategies. These strategies are called Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short. Another form of being visible on these top Alexa ranked sites is by paying for advertisements to show up. These advertisements are done as text ads displayed on the side or paid area of search engine searches, sometimes they are also done as videos or picture display ads too.

The SEO part is where a lot of the secrets are kept. An internet marketer looking for secrets will study SEO and understand how the search engines rank which will help that marketer be placed at the top of the searches, for free.

SEO is an ever changing project as the search engines are always changing their algorithms trying to not just have the best marketers appear at the top of the searches but the best site for the consumer based on what the consumer or web surfer is searching for. Just because a marketer is good at SEO tactics does not mean they have the best product or the information that is being searched on.

Get good, no great at SEO and you will get your websites ranked in the tops of the search engines which should help to bring your company more business.

Source by Matthew T McCray


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