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With thousands of new internet marketers and businesses coming online, it is important to have a home base, or a website to share information and communicate with their audience. Build a free website, it is a great way to start a business online. There are many sites that offer free hosting services that include easy to use software and tools to build a profitable website.

When looking for a free hosting company to build a free website, search for sites that have been in business for 2 or more years. Look at the FAQ section, consider the questions asked and the answers. Form a question to ask the site support team. Doing this will tell you how their customer support handles questions. Do some more investigation to see if the tools available are easy to work with. Your skill level will determine whether the site is for you or not. A complete “newbie” will want a site that is simple and easy to navigate. Whereas someone familiar with building and creating websites, may want more features and customization.

Some of the most profitable websites are very simple in design and content. It really is not necessary to have a lot of “bells and whistles” if you have good content and a simple design. Once you choose your free website host, choose a design, or a template, that will compliment your chosen niche and your personality.

Now that you have hosting to build a free website, sign up and get started. Enter you personal and business information. Choose a site name relevant to your niche or business. Choose your template. There may be widgets, or plug-ins you can add for a little personal flair. Start adding some good content and you have just created your first website.

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