Internet Marketing Articles – Warning! The Internet May Cause Attention Deficit Disorder

Focus, focus, focus, the Internet seems to have plenty of distraction. Here something that I have learned through experience, but it has cost me. This little tip can bring a big boost to your future.

I love article marketing. One of the things that I love the most about it is that it is one of the most reliable methods of Internet marketing that continues to prove itself over and over again. I don’t think there is a better way to spend your time marketing than to be generating new articles. More articles equal more traffic. Not just more traffic, but traffic that is more highly qualified than any other method.

I received an email today from one of the many lists that I subscribe to that describes the new viral way of driving traffic to your website. It starts out, “Dear Friend, Are you interested in a brand new way to increase the traffic to any website for about 5 minutes easy ‘work’?” First of all, it takes more than 5 minutes to read the sales letter which is 10 pages and a video long.

I have tried hundreds of these. I am not necessarily pointing a finger at this one, but the bottom line is, if I had spent every second wasted on the hundreds of these I have read, writing articles, I would be retired by now.

I once thought that subscribing to everything was a good thing, because it has taught me so much about all of the different options available on the Internet. Now I am rethinking this because in retrospect, I think it has continued to be more of a distraction than anything.

Source by Dan Iverson


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