Choosing an Internet Marketing Firm Online

In order to have a successful online business, internet marketing will be key. Not only will this help you to bring in a good income, it will also be what determines your overall website traffic. When choosing an Internet marketing firm, you will need to find one that provides the services you are looking for. Search engine optimization is the top one that must be included though as this is essential for successful online marketing. Here is where you develop a brand image that others will associate with your company.

A firm who handles this type of work should start by developing a marketing plan which lays out how you will achieve the goals you have jointly established. A number of tasks will be needed to get from start to finish and each should be thoroughly developed before the site is up and running. Services you may wish to consider when choosing your Internet marketing firm include link-building, document creation and social marketing media. The more of these you have, the more sales you will have. Not all are offered by all web designers.

With the right Internet marketing firm, you will increase your web presence. The more targeted traffic you receive from the search engines, the more profit you will bring in. One should never discount search engine optimization and the importance of it when it comes to bringing in more traffic. The lower you are in the search engines, the less exposure your website will have and therefore the less visitors you will receive. Search engine optimization increases your ranking.

The best way to determine which Internet marketing firm to sign with is to look at samples of their past work. Although this is no guarantee that your website will produce the same results, it is a good indicator of what the company is capable of doing as well as what your website will look like. Walk through the process with your consultant to ensure he will listen to your ideas while injecting some of his own. The best websites are the result of a partnership between you and your consultant so make sure you can work together easily. Otherwise, your money will just be wasted.

Source by Patrick Cranley

The One Internet Marketing Tip You Must Know To Avoid Business Failure

I just had a nice and quiet winter weekend here in Canada, working on my Internet Independence presentation for a seminar I’m going to be doing down in Panama. Kind of nice to be locked away and making some progress on big projects.

But last weekend I was out and about down at Disney World in Florida with a lot of info marketers. So there was a lot more networking and high level mastermind going on.

And while I was talking to one of my best buddies, he brought up a question he gets almost every day.

People are always asking him, “What’s your #1 Internet Marketing Tip?”

We laughed of course, because internet marketing is not so simple that you could summarize it with a “#1 tip”.

But over the last 7 days I’ve been thinking about that constantly.

What would I say if I absolutely had to give someone just ONE tip.

What would it be?

Well, here’s what I came up with…and I’m going to give you two answers that are almost the same.

The first one really addresses my #1 tip for all of business, and that is:

You MUST be unique.

It’s that simple. You could expand on that and say, “You must have a unique selling proposition”, but I wanted to keep it extremely simple.

You can’t be like everyone else. You must be remarkable.

It doesn’t matter if your product works. Listen, I’ve reviewed hundreds of products from business coaching clients, and I think I’ve only told 3 people that their product sucks (although I don’t think I used that exact phrase, but you know what I mean).

It’s very rarely the content that is holding back your business, but it’s almost always the fact that your business is just like everyone else, and therefore you don’t stand out in the market.

Seth Godin’s last book, “Linchpin” (which I think is also his BEST book), covers the need to be unique as well as anything I’ve read. Add that to your reading list.

Now applying that “unique” tip to my #1 internet marketing tip, I’d say that you need to have either:

a) A unique product

b) A unique way of selling your product or other people’s products

For your product, you need a unique marketing angle that makes it different from everything on the market…


You need to have a unique personality that attracts people to your product (i.e. YOU are different from everyone else, although your product may be “the same” as everyone else).


You need to have a unique system for generating traffic to your website.


You need a unique sales process that results in higher conversions and increased upsells compared to everyone else.

Bottom line:

My #1 business/marketing tip is that you have to be different.

But here’s the good news…

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

But you do need to have enough of a difference that allows you to stand out and show that you are not the same as everyone else.

Like almost everything I’ve taught you so far, this is going to take some creative work on your part.

So set aside some time and create ways to be different, or simply focus on highlighting the ways you are different.

“Differentiate or Die.” – Jack Trout

Source by Craig S Ballantyne

Internet Marketing For Online Business

Internet marketing for online business is marketing through the use of internet. Every business has a marketing strategy. But one of the best way to promote your business is to promote it online. Why promote it online? Because there’s a lot of buyers who uses internet.Why not use internet marketing for your business? After all a lot of people uses the internet, but you have to promote your site and it of course it should be very attractive! Also, you need to plan your site content. This is extremely difficult thing to do especially to the beginners.

The most important thing is to plan your keyword search. Optimize your site for your top keywords. You have to show the search engine spiders what your site is all about. If possible, include the top keywords where they’ll be noticed most. You just need to use marketing strategy in your business.

In online business you need to have an online advertising an activity that promotes a company online and this includes a blog sites, a website, online marketing research, email marketing, advertising and a website. These things that have been mentioned is appropriate for the promotion of one’s business.

Since you have a lot of competitors in this line of business, you have to be extra creative in promoting your business. If you can, try to offer your future customer something different, the one that your competitors doesn’t have.

The majority of your first time visitors to a website do not buy, keep in mind that at least they have visited your site and if ever they decide to buy they have to option of your website.

Source by Jo Anne G Te

Why Christians Fail at Internet Marketing

A Christian begins to think about marketing online, and wants to market to the Christian Internet Market. After some extensive research, he or she finds that the Christian Internet market is saturated with multilevel, get-rich-quick, gifting, Ponzi schemes, and surf programs. The Christian either chooses to become involved in one of the above-mentioned schemes, thinking that is what Christians are looking for, or decides that Christians aren’t willing to pay for good content or services online.

Unfortunately, the Christian is wrong on both accounts. Christians are willing to pay for good content and services online, but sadly enough, there are very few good Christian services online. Why? Because marketers, both Christian and Secular alike, have assumed that Christians will not pay for online products, because they are unwilling to spend money online. That is the problem. While many Christians, in the early years of the Internet, may have been reluctant to spend money online, with the advent of better Internet filters and screening software, more Christians are spending time online. I contend that the only reason they don’t spend more money online is because of the dearth of good Christian content online. I believe there is a conspicuous absence of good Christian content online, and I believe that those who step up in 2006 and supply the content will get rich doing it.

That may be a bold statement, and some of you will quit reading right now. Go ahead.

Those of you who are still reading, think about this for a moment. When is the best time to get involved in a new window of opportunity? When it first becomes a new window of opportunity, right? I contend that this year, 2006, will be a break-out year for Christian online marketing and sales.

Now, get me right here. I do NOT mean more Ponzi schemes and multi-level games. I mean good, Christian, grounded, chockful-of-useful-information web-based content. Content like information materials that teach about popular Christian topics like Christian self-improvement, Christian dating, Christian success, and Christian values. Products like Christian books, Christian videos, Christian web-sites, Christian marketing tools, and Christian studies.

Another vital point here. These products must be two things:

1) Bona-fide faith-based products that are not ashamed of the Christian identity and

2) High-quality products that contain as much or more good content as a competing secular product. You cannot think that just because a Christian sees a product with a Christian label that that will close the sale. It must be worth every penny you price it at.

If you want to get involved in Christian Internet Marketing, now is the time. Do it.

Source by Sean Mize

The Most Effective Internet Marketing: High Lead Volume Vs High Quality Leads

Increasing Internet Leads Vs Increasing Higher Quality Leads

Do more leads = more business?

Is it quantity or quality that is most important to your lead generation efforts? Would you rather have 100 leads with only 5 that are qualified or have 10 leads where 8 are qualified?

In a recent case, a merchant processing company audited her Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies work to determine why she had “all of these bogus leads, while her competitor/friend was closing 30 percent of their internet leads.”

It was determined that 97% of her website leads generated through her search engine optimization company had never even made initial contact with her reps. A lot of time was being wasted calling numbers that never answered. They spent roughly 3 hours a day sifting through, importing into their database, and making outbound calls to find out that 97% of there leads were worthless.

Based on some preliminary estimates, the CPA determined the company was losing $5,000 a week in lost productivity and staffing the company at a level to support calling the leads.

Higher Quality leads = Higher ROI

If you are trying to increase your internet lead generation efforts, the focus should be on high quality even if it sacrifices volume because you will have a greater Return on Investment. To generate higher quality leads, you must change your method of internet marketing. You do not want SEO until you have first built a website that has proven to convert your website traffic into sales.

It sounds simple but most websites do not do any type of conversion testing. Must websites have bounce rates higher than 90%. This means that 9 out of 10 visitors leave the site before clicking to another page to find out more information.

In layman’s terms, 9 out of 10 visitors don’t like your home page.

To test for conversions, you need to either begin the process yourself using A/B testing or Multivariate testing. In general, you will create a homepage and then label that the control page. Then you will duplicate that page but change only 1 variable.

Control page Example: Instead of saying “Welcome to the website”

Test page Example: “Internet Marketing with Guaranteed Results”

This was an actual test that was on the home page. The test page had a 150% better conversion rate than the control page. When further tests were conducted, the page went from 10 leads generated for the month of March to 50 leads generated for the month of April.

Through the process of Conversion Optimization, you can determine exactly which pages on your website generate leads and which pages cause people to leave your site.

So if you are feeling like your SEO is not working or have other concerns about your SEO company, you should look into an SEO Audit of your website. SEO Audits reveal if you are generating high quality traffic or if you are producing the junk traffic.

Source by Marcus T Bradley

Anatomy Of An Internet Marketing System

Please let me tell you about the Internet marketing

systems I use and find helpful. This information may be

of some benefit to you, especially if your goal is to

monetize your site or earn an income from your online


My name is Titus Hoskins and I own and operate a very

modest marketing website called

I have been designing web pages and sites since 1998.

I have an Art/Education background but in the last

couple of years I have been studying online marketing

systems and using them.

Yes, studying them, since I have an art background I like

to examine beneath the surface of things or structures in

order to get a clearer picture. I like to see the whole

picture. The big picture. But the underlying elements behind

these complex systems interests me the most. What’s beneath

the surface excites me, the structure holding everything

in place. How they are designed, the methods and tools

used to make these marketing systems work.

Keep in mind, I still feel a bit funny calling myself an

Internet marketer. Last week my marketing efforts make me

around a thousand dollars; don’t know if that qualifies me

as an Internet marketer or not. Probably not. Most of the

people I associate and have contact with, usually make that

in a day — the real smart ones make that in an hour.

A thousand dollars in one hour?

How is that possible? Well, the marketing experts who

earn the big d’s — usually have complex automated marketing

systems set up and operating on the Internet. These systems

start with their own products but quickly expands and builds

with large opt-in lists or ezines, 1000’s of affiliates,

large JV networks, multi-sites, viral marketing, membership

forums, brandable ebooks, online marketing tools/resources

and the list goes on…

No doubt you may have stumbled across some of these

marketing systems on the Internet… one of the first

I really encountered was Internet Marketing Center run by

the late Corey Rudl who died tragically in a car crash at

the young age of 34. I made my first affiliate check

through Corey’s system and it changed the way I looked

at the Internet forever. And the check was only $5!

What made me earn that $5 was not only my own efforts but

more importantly the whole marketing system behind IMC.

It took an ordinary webmaster and showed him how to market

on the web. It showed me the way. More importantly, it

also taught me Internet marketing is a skill anyone

can learn.

These marketing systems can be good places for the

beginning marketer to learn those skills. There are many

marketing systems quietly working the Internet. Some of

best (in my opinion) are Ken Evoy’s whole Site Sell system,

Marlon Sanders Higher Response Marketing, John Reese’s

Traffic Secrets, Bryan Winter’s PushButton Publishing, Jeff

Mulligan’s CBmalls, Nitro Marketing…

These Internet marketing systems are all different, yet

they all have common elements or features that make them

very effective and very powerful marketing systems. A close

examination of the different components or parts might

give you a better understanding of what makes these

Internet marketing systems work.

Here’s a list of different parts of an effective Internet

Marketing system:

* Founder or Helm: All these marketing systems have a strong

leader or founder at the helm. A very vocal and forceful

communicator or spokesperson is needed as a focal point.

And like any company, its only as good as the person leading

it. Because the Internet is still a very ‘scary’ place for

the average user; a friendly outgoing spokesperson is

needed to break those barriers (real or imaginary) down.

* Unique Product or Products: Most of the effective

marketing systems have their own products to market.

These can be digital info products, web building/hosting

packages, or even self-contained marketing systems. Or all

of the above. Some popular products that come to mind would

include Ken Evoy’s whole Site Sell and SiteBuildIt line,

or Jeff Mulligan’s CBmalls promoting the well known digital

download affiliate site ClickBank.

* Databases or Lists: All these systems collect and keep

large databases or opt-in permission contact lists of

customers and potential customers. The real net value of

any marketing system is in the quantity and more importantly

the quality of its lists. All deliver a weekly or daily ezine

or ezines to these lists. Consider these Databases as the

engines that empowers any Internet marketing system.

* JV Networks: Most have large Joint Venture Networks or

contacts that will kick-start any new product. Momentum and

sales are created with these JV partners. An ideal JV partner

is a well respected online marketer with very responsive and

very large opt-in lists. If Databases are like engines, JV

networks will fill those engines with the fuel they need.

* Affiliates: The best marketing systems use 1000’s of

affiliates to promote and market their products. This is

usually done in-house with their own affiliate program or

onsite software set up. Some use third party affiliate

programs like ClickBank, 1ShoppingCart, Commission Junction,

LinkShare, or Shareasale. Your ignition.

* AutoResponders: One of the most effective marketing tool

these systems use, autoresponders are essential for delivering

the sales. A series of follow-up e-mails will increase those

sales dramatically, studies have shown that it takes 6 or

7 follow-ups before someone purchases your product. Consider

the autoresponder like a fuel injection system.

* Tracking and Marketing Resources: All have extensive

tracking and marketing resources, usually located online

within a membership site. An easy to use and accessible

tracking system for affiliates is needed. So too are

marketing resources such as banners, links, coupons,

graphics, seo tactics, landing pages, lead capture pages,

brandable reports, articles and ebooks. Obviously, your toolkit.

* Viral Marketing: All great Internet marketing systems

use viral marketing techniques. This can be as simple a

brandable reports, articles, software or eBooks. Affiliates

can embed their own IDs and pass these viral products along

to their friends and visitors, these useful viral products

then get passed around all over the web. Creating links,

contacts, buzz and funneling prospects back to your

marketing system. Consider it your Turbo Charger.

* Online Forums: Many of the better Internet Marketing

systems will have an online forum where members can network

and interact. Offering workshops and tutorials. This is a

vital community building tool that must not be overlooked

or underestimated. It will greatly enhance the effectiveness

of any marketing system, building a foundation and launch pad

for any new products. Your gas station.

* Cross Promotion: These marketing systems can become very

complex: promoting programs within programs, cross networking

whole systems within systems, joint ventures within joint

ventures… Marketing seminars, conventions and workshops

are other lucrative features these systems use to market

their products and to network with other marketers. Hybrid fuel.

* Corporate Blogs: Most have company blogs or a network of

members’ blogs. Realizing the importance of these relatively

new mediums for getting the word out. RSS feeds are also used

to syndicate your sales message and content. That would be

your satellite radio.

* Affiliate Incentives: The better marketing systems have

affiliate incentives and contests to motivate the sales force.

From cruises to Ferraries…

* They Pay Their Affiliates On Time: Might seem trivial, except

for the affiliate. The best Internet marketing systems pay

their affiliate regularly and on time. They are trusted and

respected by affiliates and online marketers. This trust have

been built up over many years of good solid business

relationships. The best marketing systems are the ones that

can harvest and develop those relationships with thousands

or even millions of affiliates. Your accelerator.

* Automation: The one key element that makes all of the above

possible. These Internet marketing systems are automated to

the highest degree possible. Without automation these large

marketing networks could not function. Therefore, almost all

the day to day running of a marketing system is automated and

can run smoothly without much work or maintenance. The grease

that makes everything run.

* Internet: These marketing systems have taken full advantage

of the world wide web and used it to their benefit. It permits

global marketing with affiliates in every country around the

world. A large multinational marketing force that is made

possible only with the creation of the Internet. Consider it

the clue that connects the whole system.

The computer and the Internet make these whole automated

marketing systems possible. Closely studied and dissected,

these systems are complex, intricate creatures solidly

embedded into the Internet and the lives of millions around

the globe. Enabling lifestyles that offer mobility, freedom

and enrichment never before seen this side of a PowerBall


When you picture these complex marketing systems, don’t think

of computers, databases, autoresponders, wires…

Rather, picture a sun drenched tropical beach with a light

breeze and a clear blue sky. Picture a person sitting to one

side, checking daily sales stats on a cool sleek shinny laptop…

don’t forget to zoom in real close and you will notice a slight

smug smile. But don’t stop there, if you stare really hard and

think about what you have just read, you will have a clear view

of an Internet marketing system.

Source by Titus Hoskins