Know Your Target Market When Affiliate Marketing

A crucial element to having success online when working a business as an affiliate marketer is to know your Target Market. That is to say, you need to know who, what and where your customers are.

When you understand your Target Market before you get into the nuts and bolts of your business then you save yourself time and money. You will also learn how to run your business on cold hard facts rather than running it on guess work and luck which is what most people in Affiliate Marketing seem to do.

The 3 main elements to Target Marketing are as follows,

1) Who Are You Attracting. You need to identify specific persons within your chosen market so that you can tailor your business to them. For example, if your market is Golf then rather than trying to attract everyone interested in golf go a bit deeper and target “lady golfers in the UK” or “Junior golfers”.

Focus on the right people, give them what they want and you will have much better results.

2) What Are Their Problems. Now you know who they are you need to now know what their problems are within your market. If you identify their problems you will then be able to offer them solutions such as your Authoritative Website content and of course your affiliate products.

Using the Golf example, if you discover lady golfers have trouble finding equipment for their size then you now know that affiliate products aimed at this problem will be perfect to promote.

3) Where Are They. OK you know who your Target Market is, you know what their problems are, you now need to know where they hang out. Where do they visit online and in the real world. What kind of websites do they read, what real world places do they visit.

Understanding this kind of information will help you when you come to placing your affiliate adverts and the products you are promoting.

To Sum It Up

If you do your Target Marketing correctly then you will know exactly who your customers are. You will know exactly what they want to buy and you will know exactly where to place your adverts.

For me this information is critical not just as an affiliate marketer but as any kind of business owner. If you do not understand your customers then you will never understand exactly how to tailor your business to them.

Source by Nicholas Squires


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