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The Reasons Why People Fail At Internet Marketing

People continually fail at internet marketing because they all fall into the same traps. This article will hopefully help you to avoid these traps and set you on course to a successful online business in internet marketing.

Firstly, they do not have a basic grounding in the subject. You cannot throw yourself into it without some idea of the basics as you will just get swallowed up, so it is important to know the ground rules and how to build your profile online. Read as much as you can on the subject, find the people online that are recognised experts and start to follow their methods and strategies, and copy what they are doing.

Secondly, they fail at internet marketing because they just think they can sell someone elses product as an affiliate and money will start flooding in. This is not going to happen as there is so much fierce competition out there for all the good affiliate products that the chance of getting much traffic to your affiliate site is minimal even if you work day and night at it. Many people in the industry will tell you that affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make money online. but this is unfortunately not true and the only reason they are telling you this is that they are trying to sell you their latest product on traffic generation or they are defending their own spot at the top of the internet marketing tree.

Thirdly, they think it will be all too easy to become a highly successful internet marketer. The truth is that you have to put the initial work in to become successful in this business, pretty much like any other business in fact, and the people who do succeed are the people who are willing to put in the hard yards and build their business up from ground level.

Fourthly, they get took in by the many internet scams that are out there and become disillusioned. This is very sad and these people should be ashamed of themselves at selling shoddy products to unsuspecting newbies. A good rule of thumb is to think that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!! Always keep your eyes and ears open and beware any get rich quick schemes.

But there is a way forward to become a successful internet marketer, and it is within anyone’s capability to succeed if they follow the basics and build a long term business that is both ethical and gives people value for money. The key is in creating a simple but helpful product, such as an ebook, in a niche that you have an interest in, and from there building a list by giving your eBook away in return for peoples email address. From there you start to give them valuable information along with selling them good products and services and upselling as you go along.

This is obviously a very brief breakdown of what you need to do but if you follow such a plan you will surely be one of the minority that succeeds online.

Source by Des Ingham

Affiliate Marketing Success Using Social Bookmarking

If your business is a bit disappointing a new method is needed to turbo charge your result. If you are searching for new methods to get consumers you have to consider social bookmarking. This process will provide higher ranks and much more visitors to your web-site.

You should think again regarding your website or even build it again. When you’re able to or get someone else to investigate the market for you to find a gap in the market, or better yet a need in the field that your web-site can offer.

The 1st golden rule of any business is to discover the demand. By working with affiliate programs you will probably be offering a number of things to promote. Take a look at demand of these kinds of items. You should try to stay away from trendy devices. They’ll sell like mad one time however you will likely to be giving them away the next. You want things that you simply know anyone would like. That way your long term sales and profits targets are certain to be met.

Second is try not to limit yourself to one product. You will need to offer a variety of items. Numerous affiliate marketing programs supply you with a collection and it’s also best to select those. Making your business on one unit may work in the short-term. Still, someone will finally come along with something more suitable or less pricey.

3rd, you need to set your internet business a step above other types. You must establish what makes you and what you may offer far better from many others. What can you supply that puts you above and beyond other companies? You should always use tact when referring to your competitors. Putting them down or being vulgar is only going to backfire on you. Reveal the benefits which you deliver and then leave it in that.

Fourth, you must insure your home based business. All the things could be good one day, but yet life can always have a weird turn. Accidents could happen to anyone. Think about what can happen in the event that one of your products affects someone. In today’s times, people could be sued for just about almost everything. Make sure you are insured if the worst happens.

5th, be sure to do your very best in order to ensure fast and valuable services to your clients. Even then, there will be a period when there’s a problem. You should keep the clients informed and aware of what’s going on. Things happen which can be beyond your control. The vast majority of customers are very forgiving if they’re made aware of this. Trying to keep your clients badly informed can end in losing them permanently.

Lastly, keep the customers satisfied. The more satisfied they are, the more likely they will come back again. Give your customers offers like savings in their next purchase. It may cost you more, but only in the short term. Keeping your clients pleased will result in them suggesting you to some other people.

Source by Cherlyn Teramoto

Internet Marketing Agencies – How to Choose the Best Online Internet Marketing Agency

Internet marketing agencies are doing great work to reduce the trouble that companies have to go through to market their products and services online. Life has definitely been made easier for them by navigating the unknown world of digital marketing and making it a piece of cake for even the most technology challenged of managers. But how do you go about choosing the right agency for your business. Here are a few tips and tricks. The internet is in fact one of the cheaper forms of digital advertising that is available today. Your marketing needs will be based on the size of your company. A good agency should be able to offer its services in a productive manner no matter what the size of your business is.

Area of Expertise

Almost all agencies have a certain area of expertise. A particular kind of digital or more specifically, internet marketing method that they are good in, for example email marketing services are offered by all agencies but there will be a few companies that are really good at it. Determine which area you want your marketing exercise to be concentrated in. Choose a company that offers or specializes in this form of marketing. A search on the internet will get you the information you want or ask your friends about the internet marketing agencies that they know of or use for their marketing needs.


Experience is very important for an agency to succeed. The contacts that they have built over these years cannot be replaced or achieved by a wannabe marketing consultant. It is also good to check with the other customers they have had over the years. Check out the success that these businesses had with the help of this agency. Do some in depth analysis and do not go by what they claim. The number of years and the people who are working at the agency also speak volumes about their effectiveness and customer satisfaction levels.


Effective marketing does not necessarily mean spending big bucks. The internet is in fact one of the cheaper forms of digital advertising that is available today. Your marketing needs will be based on the size of your company. A good agency should be able to offer its services in a productive manner no matter what the size of your business is. The internet has also made price comparison possible which gives you the advantage of being able to come to a decision after considering the requirements and the options available. Large internet marketing agencies that have a huge volume of business will be able to offer their services at lower rates because of this very reason. Choose a company that offers or specializes in this form of marketing. A search on the internet will get you the information you want or ask your friends about the internet marketing agencies that they know of or use for their marketing needs.

Source by Mac Jeklin

Paid Surveys vs Affiliate Marketing

For People wishing to Make Money Online, which is better:  Paid Surveys, or Affiliate Marketing?

What are Paid Surveys?

Paid surveys are surveys that you can take online, for which a Company will pay you on average between $2 to $10 for taking – although up to $75 has been claimed when joining a focus group.  Sometimes the company does not pay out cash, but gives you the chance to win prizes instead.  In general, they can take between 5 minutes and 30+minutes to do. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

An affiliate marketer is someone who affiliates himself with a seller and drives potential customers to that seller’s website by means of online marketing techniques.  If the seller makes a sale from that potential customer, the affiliate marketer gets a percentage of that sale as commission.  Potential earnings from affiliate marketing range from $20 – $2000+ per day. 

Which is Better for Someone Looking to Make Money?

Paid Surveys are quite simple to do, even for someone who is not totally computer literate.  This is why Paid Surveys are so attractive to most people.

Affiliate marketing can also be very easy for a beginner to do, as there are easy methods to advertise that don’t require a high computer literacy which can be utilized.  Take article writing, or blogging for example.  It takes 2 minutes to sign up for a blog or to join an online article submissions site, and then it’s just typing your recommendations (doing your marketing) from there.

The reality is that whilst Paid Surveys guarantee some money for your effort, the amount that you will “earn” is not overly much for the amount of time put in.  The biggest factor against Paid Surveys in my mind though, is that the income generated by them has a limited life.  Once you have contacted all the Companies in your list and once you have done the surveys for them, barring a few new ones they might have every now and then, you cannot expect to make that much money from them in the future.  There is no way to increase your earnings.

Becoming an Affiliate Marketer on the other hand, will enable you to build your “business” constantly.  And once you have things in place for a product, very often they can be left to run by themselves for a while, making money for you whilst you focus on a new product.  In this way you can double, triple, or quadruple your money without doubling, tripling or quadrupling your time and effort.

Another thing to be aware of with regards to Paid Surveys is that they probably won’t work for you if you are not in the US, or possibly in Europe.  The majority of companies who require surveys are in the US with a few in Europe and they therefore mostly want people from the US or Europe to do their surveys.  So even if a Survey product says that you can make money wherever you are, I wouldn’t advise this to a non-US citizen.  There may be a few companies who want international people, but they will be the minority.

Source by Kenneth Richards

Make Money Online – Do You Have These Seven Must-Read Internet Marketing Books?

Have you ever thought about why you want to make money online?

People have different goals. If you answer: “for the money“, you should rethink your goal. You can make money a lot of other ways than online. And it is not even sure that you are able to make money online.

If your answer is: “for the freedom“, “for the life style” or “for more time with my family“, you are on the right way.

In order to make enough money online to get you the freedom or spare time, you want, you should learn about Internet marketing. And here are seven of the must-have and must-read books that can teach you enough to get started:

#1 – “AdSense Secrets 4” by Joel Comm

Google’s ads, called AdSense, is one of the better and easier ways to make money online. But adding the ads to your site takes some knowledge, if you want to gain money from them.

Joel Comm’s book about AdSense is a must-read. If you only get one book about Internet marketing, then get this one.

#2 – “The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy” by Marlon Sanders

Read this book, before you start making your own product!

It helped me sell for a couple of thousand dollars of information products in one weekend, just by implementing one of the ideas from the book.

#3 – “Confessions of a Lazy Super Affiliate” by Chris Rempel

After you have read this book, you will know that there is only one way to sell affiliate products. Surely, you can get lucky and sell in other ways, but the real money comes from doing it with the simple method, described in the book.

And it is almost setup-and-forget, so this is a program for the lazy affiliate.

#4 – “16-Minute Speed-Reading Audio Program” by Marvin Haycock

This has nothing to do with Internet marketing, and in fact, it is not even a book. But you will be reading lots of books and e-books on your journey to freedom, so why not do it fast and effectively?

#5 – “The Mini Site Formula” by Joel Peterson

Another “non-book”… It is mostly a video course, but you get the transcript, and it is a must-learn product!

This is a new way to do Internet marketing. You find the products, people already buy, and help them make the decision.

#6 – “Instant Article Creation Templates” by Jeff Heering

Article marketing plays a big part in being an Internet marketer, and you should learn from the best. Get the article templates from Jeff Heering, and you have already done 3/4 of your work with articles.

#7 – “Seven Secrets to Ezine Domination” by Rob Howard

More about articles… The message in this video course is “make it short – make it hot”. Forget about long and boring articles. And you also get great tips for the author bio box.

I have read maybe thousands of e-books about Internet marketing, and I have been inspired and/or impressed by many of them. Make your own list of favourite books, or just read a few, but whatever you do:

Use what you learn – take action!

Source by Sarah Aston

5 Affiliate Marketing Pitfalls – How You Can Avoid Them

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money, and fairly easy if you’re focused and willing to put in the work to build a profitable business. That being said, there are a few pitfalls of affiliate marketing that can put a damper on your success – or even ruin your reputation. We’re going to discuss 5 of those pitfalls today, and if you’re like me, you’ve probably been guilty of at least one of them on occasion!

Because nearly every market is competitive today online, it’s no longer possible to just become a publisher and believe you can sit back while the money rolls in. It just doesn’t work that way. If you really want to make money with affiliate marketing, you have to be willing to “learn the ropes,” and to act on what you learn. If you’re a “newbie” to the game of affiliate marketing, this post applies to you, too, because you want to avoid these pitfalls. Okay, here we go!

Top 5 affiliate marketing pitfalls and fixes

#1 – Signing up for every program related to your niche

Many affiliates sign up for every program under the sun related to their niche. While it’s a good idea to promote two or three products/services that you believe would be useful/valuable to your readers, it isn’t a good idea to promote 8, 10 or even more products. When you go overboard, your visitors will notice that your site seems to be overly promotional – and the search engines will, too.

Focus on valuable content, and promote a few quality products gently. Try to choose offers that are best suited to the needs of your readers. And remember, you’re not “stuck” with the products you choose – you should test to see which products have higher conversion rates.

#2 – Promoting products that aren’t relevant to your website

Search engines pay attention to the relevancy between your niche, content, and the products/services you offer – and so do your visitors. You don’t want to send a mixed message, or confuse your visitors. If your niche is dog training, you absolutely do not want content on your site (or banners, ads, etc.) promoting breast enhancement pills! Your readers may be offended, and it will absolutely take away from your credibility.

Stick to content that your readers want, that is on topic. Choose credible affiliate programs that are relevant to your niche.

#3 – Throwing advertising rules out the window

We’ve all seen banner ads, email messages and other advertising that make huge (and unbelievable) promises. A buying customer doesn’t usually realize that you are an affiliate; they look at you as the merchant, and trust that you offer reputable products. As an affiliate, think about the banners and other forms of advertising the merchant offers before you begin using them. If it sounds like a bunch of “hype” that you may not be able to live up to, think twice before using that advertising medium. Never make unsubstantiated claims, as it may come back to “bite” you in the form of dissatisfied customers – and potential legal problems.

To avoid this pitfall, simply make sure that the language used in advertising the product is ethical, and avoid overselling. When writing product reviews, as many affiliates do, be honest and transparent – and never steal content from the vendor’s original product site to use in your review. It may be against policy, and Google may see it as duplicate content as well.

#4 – Failing to commit sufficient time or resources to affiliate campaigns

No matter how much you wish it were true, you cannot throw up an affiliate site, put some content on it, links to products, banners, etc. and expect to make money. Successful affiliate marketing requires sufficient time, money, or both. The more affiliate campaigns you run, the more resources are required. In order to reach a certain level of success, you’ve got to promote and market your product which can be done through article syndication, list building, social media, forums, blogging, pay-per-click ads and more.

How can you avoid this pitfall? Know how much you can do depending on your lifestyle, job, kids, etc. If you need an hour each day for each affiliate campaign, dedicate “x” number of hours per day according to how many campaigns you are running. If you don’t have the time to manage promotions and marketing yourself, outsource the work.

#5 – Unrealistic expectations – or, abandoning ship too quickly

You cannot become an overnight success in affiliate marketing, although we’d all love it if it was possible! So many marketers build a website and begin affiliate marketing, only to abandon ship when they don’t see results in a week or two. This isn’t how it works, especially considering the sheer volume of competition in most markets today. Building successful affiliate marketing campaigns takes time and patience.

Quick fix? Set realistic goals, and make them small ones. Say you want to make $20 per week, and grow to where you are earning $50 per week within a 6 week time span. This is doable! And once you reach your goal, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction, which will inspire you and motivate you to work harder. Don’t enter affiliate marketing with the expectation that you’re going to make $1,000 per week right out of the gate. It just isn’t realistic, and will lead to disappointment.

If you don’t have patience or don’t feel you can dedicate your time and energy to affiliate marketing, maybe it’s not for you. If you do have patience and are ready for a different kind of lifestyle, one where you don’t have to answer to a boss 5 days each week, affiliate marketing is definitely a way to reach your dream of becoming self-sufficient – but it won’t happen overnight. For me, knowing that it IS possible to reach 5 figures a month is incentive enough to keep giving it my best effort!

Source by Teresa Tackett