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8 Seconds Rule for Business Website

Your website has approximately eight seconds to capture the attention of a prospective customer, before they head off to another website. If a connection is not made between your prospective customers and your Singapore SEO website in a very short time frame, you will lose them.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is critical to the SEO process. The purpose of keyword research is to find out as many keywords that are relevant to your website. So, when customers search on Google and other search engines they can easily find your website.

Professional Quality Link Building

Link building must be done slowly. You must build links with a mix of good high PR and low PR links from different websites, mostly relevant to your site. If you build links too quickly, your website can be penalized by Google. The higher your link building speed is, the more serious penalty (pagerank drop) your website may get. When Google see a large amount of links come in one month and nothing the next this can look suscpicious, and you will not rank on Google, yahoo and MSN’s

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a key factor of any successful website. The internet has become the primary resource for gaining advanced information, services and products. All internet users search the product information from Google. SEO and optimized social media content makes it easier for customers to find product/service information online when they?re doing the research that will help them.

Source by Honey M. Tecson

Affiliate Marketing 101 – What You Need to Know

What would you like to promote? Affiliate marketing is no stranger to the Internet, and certainly no stranger to network marketers and article marketing is still a successful way to promote your online business or blog. Affiliate marketing offers a phenomenal opportunity for people who do not have a lot of start-up capital or a lot of time to put together a giant campaign. Affiliate marketing has some very good advantages which include no product of your own, no inventory, no shipping or overhead and no real sales force. For the merchant it can also be a cheap and effective marketing strategy.

What are Affiliate Programs?

Generally speaking affiliate programs are marketing programs offered by web advertisers or merchants that recruit website owners and bloggers. The merchants provide banner ads, links and buttons for website owners to place on their website to market the merchant’s products. In turn, the website owner or blogger will receive a referral fee or commission when a customer purchases a product that is delivered via an affiliate link. One of the most common types of affiliate links are pay per click (PPC – Pay Per Click) however, increasingly now have been intertwined with email and content marketing.

The Product:

When you are looking for an affiliate program there are some things you need to consider before choosing which company you are going to take arms with. The product should be one of quality can also be a service. As long as it’s a product viable service and it offers something of value to the customer.

There are several types of compensation plans built into affiliate marketing programs, and one of them can be a residual program. However, not all affiliate marketing programs have residual programs built into them. If you can find one with residual funds, then that would be the way to go. However, there are some that actually offer a significantly high commission rate that may make up for the loss of the residual income. There are also others that offer a multilevel marketing structure of compensation. Now if you’re familiar with multilevel marketing than that may be an avenue that you would choose to examine.

But before jumping into any multilevel marketing program, you should read up on it and do a thorough analysis. The last thing you want to do is jump into an affiliate program that is going to be a serious waste of time.

Choosing an Affiliate Program:

Back in 1994 there weren’t very many affiliate programs to choose from and most of them were revolved around offensive content websites. Today, affiliate programs have a higher standard and it is a new way of doing business. There are many companies that have affiliate marketing programs lime Amazon, web hosting companies, domain name registrars, and electronic websites, Apple iTunes, bit defender, panda security, PC health boost, Commission Junction, eBay Partner Network, Google AdSense, VistaPrint and the list goes on and on.

You can find an affiliate program for almost anything you want to sell. It is a good idea to sell something that is related to your website, providing you have one. Not everybody that signs up for an affiliate program has a website to run it through. There are some that actually write articles and direct the URLs to their affiliate program.

Becoming an Affiliate:

If you want to become an affiliate it’s not that hard. You simply go to the website of choice and look for their affiliate link program. Usually what will happen is you will sign up and get a unique affiliate ID along with some banners and links. You then place these on your website so that your potential audience can click on those links which if they purchase, you will receive a commission. Just because you signed up for an affiliate program doesn’t mean that you’re actually going to drive traffic to your website. You still need to do something about driving traffic to your website or affiliate link like write compelling articles and become an expert in your field. These articles can be placed on article databases and are a sure way of driving traffic to your website or affiliate link.

What You Should Look For:

When you go shopping for an affiliate program, try to look for high affiliate commissions, long cookies and of course you would want to get a great conversion rate. Two-tier programs which have the same structure as a multilevel marketing organization and can be quite lucrative. Such organizations that earn billions in multilevel marketing and direct sales is companies like Amway which has been in business for 53 years, Nu Skin started in 1984 and Nature’s Sunshine started in 1972 so multilevel marketing has been around for some time. Residual affiliate programs is definitely the way to go. You continue to make money on that visitor month after month. The advantage here is that eventually your sales start accumulating where you’re making more and more money as opposed to the individual sale where you have to continuously make money to stay at the same level.

Where You Can Go:

There is services out there that have a database of a lot of companies that are doing affiliate program so you do not have to run around and seek out each individual program themselves. Companies like ClickBank where you sign up and select the affiliate program you wish to support.

Marketing Your Link:

Now let’s talk about that affiliate link for a moment. Most affiliate links are extremely long, hideous and some of them have special characters in them like a “?” or “=” sign. These links will not rank on search engines like Google very well and definitely cannot be added to pay per click like Google AdSense. What I would suggest is getting yourself a domain name and rerouting it to your affiliate offer. Let’s take for an example if I wanted to become an affiliate of a cell phone electronics company and I had a website I can actually write a review on a particular cell phone that I’m trying to market. If it’s more than one, then I could just pick a product or two to write my articles on. Anyway, I would try to register a domain name that may have something in it like cheap cell phones or something along those lines to help the search engines determine what your product might be.

Increase Your Sales:

What if you don’t have a website and you wish to increase your sales with affiliate marketing; what would you do? One way to market an affiliate program I briefly touched on is to write quality articles about the product that is being marketed. I truly suggest this strategy to increase traffic and sales. There are several article directories that you can post your articles to, but do not post the same article to multiple sites other than the article directory and your own site if you have one. Article directories can be a very good source of traffic because of their reputation and the amount of visitors they have each month reading your article. Of course, some of those readers will click on your affiliate link driving traffic to your affiliate program. I like Ezine Articles as an article directory, but there are others like; Goarticles, ehow, Examiner, Technorati, Thefreelibrary and much more, but that’s a good start. Don’t just read one article when doing your research and regurgitate the content from that one article. Try to do some in-depth study to get a complete understanding of what it is you’re writing about. Once you have that understanding, try to simplify your article by using either bullet points or topic list. To get people to click on your link you need to be compelled to do so, but the only way to do that is to write compelling articles.

Making money on the net with affiliate programs can be a rewarding experience if you know where to go the fine the right affiliate program and how to do the research needed. Just locating an affiliate program is not all you need to do, you need to weigh the gravity of that affiliate program. First determine what it is you would like to sell and do your research. Hopefully, you will look for something that accents your website or if you don’t have a website, something that you know a lot about so that you can write your reviews.

Source by James Statom

Newbie Internet Marketing Made Easy

The arrival of the Internet has thrown open several avenues for earning. From blogging to, freelance writing to Internet marketing, it has been responsible for increasing career options. If you are someone who is looking to get into Internet market, there are certain tips that will help you succeed in an increasingly competitive field. Let us take a look at these newbie Internet marketing tips here.

• Research: The importance of research cannot be reiterated. If you have decided to jump into the Internet marketing bandwagon, you should first get to know all that is happening in this field. One good way would be through forums, where you can get to chat with experienced professionals and get to know about the latest trends in the field. You can also go through books dedicated to the subject. This will stand you in good stead in the long run.

• Training: These days there are several places where you can get trained in Internet marketing. You can enroll yourself in any of these training programs. You can also try working under someone who is experienced in the field. You can get to learn a lot by observing how business is done over the Internet by doing this. Remember, you need to learn many new skills for doing business online. From article writing to creating videos to social media marketing to blogging, you will need to hone your skills on an ongoing basis.

• Ask: Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed to ask questions about Internet marketing with someone who knows about the field. However silly the question maybe, remember it is always better to get your doubts clarified.

• Be patient: Just as in the case with other fields, it does take time for someone to set up their business over the Internet. Remember, the Internet has become a highly competitive place today. You cannot expect overnight results. The secret lies in taking smart decisions and never letting any opportunity to promote your online business go by.

• Too many choices: Never make the mistake of having too many choices. This will leave you all confused. Without a focused approach you will not go anywhere in Internet marketing. If you have decided to sell a particular product or service, then better stick to it for some time before you try to increase the product portfolio. With too many things in the basket, you may spread thin and go nowhere.

• Tweaking: It is also important that you constantly check your progress. Just when you feel that you are not doing right in a particular area, then you can certainly tweak your online marketing strategy. Remember, there are no hard and fast rules, so far as success in Internet marketing is concerned.

Source by Edmund Yee

Why You Might Not Be Right For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model which rewards ‘affiliates’ for the promotion of other people’s products on the internet. By sending website traffic to various products and services, affiliate marketers can earn a living from the sale of goods and services on the internet.

But not everyone is cut out for this kind of work. It involves working by yourself for quite a bit of time. There’s various technical skills you’ll need to learn such as website building, running adverts and connecting various software together to make your online business work.

Even though there’s been huge leaps in technology lately, meaning there’s less technical hassle involved, some people just won’t have the patience for this. Even if you find a community of help and support, there’s still a lot to learn and it isn’t for everyone.

Expect to work between 6 months and a year before you see any results at all, too. This is pretty tough, especially if you don’t fully believe in what you’re doing. There’s a fair amount of trial and error with affiliate marketing. Most people will give up too early and never see the fruits of their efforts.

For those who stick, there are great rewards to be earned. But they are earned. Not in the conventional way of earning money by trading your time for it, but in overcoming barriers to success. You need to have a fair amount of tenacity and patience. It’s not like a job where you get paid every month initially. So, if you’re used to trading time for money and getting paid every month, don’t give up the day job just yet!

Affiliate marketing is a business and not an employment. You need to drop any entitlement attitude which may be buried in your mind. You can’t expect any reward unless you actually have had it! If something isn’t working, you need to take stock and change your habits. It took me years before I saw any tangible results from affiliate marketing. I just refused to quit!

There are of course faster ways to benefit from affiliate marketing. Getting the right training and education from the start can make the most difference. If you’re going the wrong way, no amount of hard work will matter. I spent quite a bit of time here, being a busy fool; not knowing that what I was doing wouldn’t yield any results at all. I did many online training courses before I found the right one.

There’s a lot of mental challenges too, when it comes to making an internet business work. Some people are in a better place to face these than others. If you’ve already run a business, for example, you’ll have a better understanding of an online business. For years I thought I could just concentrate on the activities which I enjoyed. I later realised that this was what held me back. You need to learn and grow with your business; otherwise the glass ceiling of your business will always be you.

Who do you hang around with? There’s a saying that your income can be determined by the average of your 10 closest friends. Again, this can have massive implications on whether your internet business is successful or not. Who do you listen to and ask advice from? Is it business leaders who are making 6 figures? Or, more likely it is someone doing a regular job who is massively sceptical of anything different.

How do you perceive yourself? Self image has a lot to do with success too, whatever area of life you want to be successful in.

Affiliate marketing is a great business model. But not everyone will see this. If your circle of influence is sceptical of it, chances are this will rub off. It’s very difficult building a business if part of your mind doesn’t believe in it, or in yourself.

Then there’s the obvious monetary barriers to entry. When I started looking at affiliate marketing I was in a lot of financial trouble. I had a very deeply ingrained poverty consciousness, and real financial hardship. So a lot of affiliate business courses and software were out of reach for me. I started with the cheaper ones and as a result made slow progress. I wasn’t able to use paid marketing strategies, so I had to use content marketing. This takes a long time and results are never guaranteed.

If you’re trying to build a business and simultaneously fighting with a massive poverty consciousness and are terrified about spending even a tiny portion of what you have, I wouldn’t recommend affiliate marketing.

There’s a saying in the trading world “Scared money is lost money”. The same can be said of affiliate marketing. If you’re using money for your business which you’re terrified of losing, you’re much more likely to lose it.

On the other hand, if you can afford to spend some money each month on your business, and grow it slowly, your chances of success are far greater. Starting with an income already is really a necessity with an online business. It’s hard building stability in a business on shifting sand.

When I started affiliate marketing, I didn’t have regular work. As a result, I concentrated on the activities which were free to do. This is a very slow tactic. Although I eventually made progress, it was much slower than the affiliates who use paid marketing and start in employment. It’s not impossible, but very slow.

Saying that, I also think that if you’ve got time, and little money, then affiliate marketing is a good thing to focus on. You just need to find strategies which match your own specific situation and circumstance.

Source by Tim Halloran

Internet Marketing Failures

You probably think that the main reason why so many internet marketers fail in the online world is because they did not have the brains. You may think that it is because of lack of learning the right tools. You may also think that it is because they do not know the secret. You have been thinking wrong.

The true reason why several internet marketers failed is because they gave up so easily. They tried a certain way and when it did not give them their desired results, they quit. They have not understood what ever successful marketer has. Victorious online marketers know that everybody will experience failure.

Nearly all victorious internet marketers experienced the greatest of failures even the wealthiest of them all. Their key to success is their talent to keep trying. Success and failure often go together. The will to keep trying is what separates the successful marketers from those who are not.

Failure is an instrument that pushes you to becoming a better dealer. You will learn from every failure and you will be given the opportunity to make up for it. One of the amazing stories about overcoming failure is that of Colonel Sanders who established Kentucky Fried Chicken.

He retired at the age of 64 with only $105 as his retirement check. He decided that he has to do something more and not give in to the pangs of poverty. He thought about selling his chicken recipe and he did just that.

Colonel Sanders was rejected 1005 times before somebody accepted his chicken recipe. His will to succeed was indeed great. He had received a thousand times of rejection and yet he never gave up. He was able to establish one of the most famous and successful food franchises in the whole world. He never gave up ’til he succeeded.

You have to learn what Colonel Sanders learned. You have to have the same determination. Failure is inevitable. Nobody will count the number of times a person fails. Instead, they will only see how frequent you get up from those failures.

Failure is always an opportunity no matter how grave it is. It is necessary for you to become an improved marketer. You could examine your failure, find out what did not work and make the needed changes so that you would not fail again. Never give up and you will have your success. Just make sure that you learn from your mistakes and from there you can rise up again.

Source by Irsan Komarga

What Are The Secrets Of Affiliate Marketing?

For years I struggled to learn affiliate marketing. I started over 10 years ago and began by building websites which I hoped would rank on Google’s free search engines. Back then, courses taught this strategy because it used to work well! Over time and with the millions more websites and affiliates attempting to rank their content, this strategy got progressively more difficult.

I ranked a few websites and made a couple of sales here and there though. But it was by no means a living and I had spent many hours watching videos and learning over a long span of time. I there in the towel many times but knew it was something worth pursuing.

One of the secrets to affiliate marketing is to stick at it until you have some results. Learn from your lack of results but continue learning and never stop. My strategies were flawed in the first instance. I was expecting an easy win. I suspect many people come into affiliate marketing expecting the same.

Over time I slowly realised the time and effort needed to make affiliate marketing work for me. I learned that, just because I wrote an article, it wasn’t necessarily going to be seen by millions of people! In fact, most of my articles were never even seen. I didn’t know how to promote them and get them seen. I just expected everyone to come, because, well, I was special and it was just going to work! How naive!

One of the ‘secrets’ of affiliate marketing is building an email list. I had the best results once I had a list of subscribers and promoted a product with paid advertising. This is probably the quickest way to see results in affiliate marketing. Content building takes time and there’s no guarantee your content will ever get a large enough audience to start selling anything.

Building an email list is vital for anyone who wants to build a real business from affiliate marketing. Without one, you’re relying on your website visitors buying from you after they land on your website. This only gives them a few minutes to make a buying decision. Get them on an email list and you can extend tis period of time to months and even years ahead. Plus you can build a relationship with your subscribers by offering them value, insight and information which may be of use to them.

Paid advertising is another ‘secret’ of affiliate marketers. I avoided paid strategies for a long time because I didn’t have the confidence in the products I chose. I didn’t know how to run paid campaigns and I was afraid of losing money, because I didn’t have very much of it! So I stuck to ‘free’ marketing strategies like article writing and video creation. However, the results were very limited because of the strategy I used and the niche I was in.

It takes much longer to get traffic if you focus on only organic strategies. Paid traffic in instant, but again, takes time to learn and master.

The other ‘secret’ to using paid traffic is in choosing the right products to promote. This again was something I took a long time to understand. Having products which continue to pay out, even after your initial sale is a major key to making affiliate marketing work for you. I initially sold products which only paid me once. Plus I only made $40 or so on a sale of a $100 product.

I later learned that top affiliates choose bigger items to promote for better commissions and they choose memberships to sell so they can earn continuous commissions every month. A subscription product which pays you a small amount every month is worth far more than a single product which only pays you once. For each customer, you can earn a residual income, potentially for a lifetime. 100 customers becomes a real income because of the continuous commissions you receive each month of their membership.

Up-sells are another affiliate marketing ‘secret’ too. An up-sell, is basically a product which is sold to a customer after they have already bought from you. If you’ve even been to a fast food franchise you’ll know they always offer up an up-sell. “Do you want fries with that?” is an up-sell.”Would you like to supersize?” is an up-sell. By offering many products to existing customers you can earn far more than by only selling one product.

An existing customer is far more likely to purchase from you because they have already paid for something. Top affiliates know the power of the up-sell and benefit from more commissions made from each customer. Repeat custom is a major factor in most businesses so it should also factor in your affiliate marketing business too.

Here’s a final affiliate marketing secret. Most affiliates starting out will concentrate on getting someone to their website in order to turn them into a subscriber. They will spend a lot of time working on their website visitors number. But there’s two factors in turning a visitor into a subscriber. The number of people visiting your website is one factor. The opt-in rate is another. You can get many more visitors converting into subscribers just by altering your opt-in offer.

Cross testing various opt-in offers and in particular, making a clear call to action with a benefit driven ‘giveaway’ offer is the best way to measure this. So don’t focus entirely on building traffic because you can make more progress by creating an enticing giveaway offer to build your email list.

Source by Tim Halloran